Red Flags in Escort Services

A professional escort always conducts a comprehensive background check on their clients. This is an essential step to guarantee the safety and security of both the client and escort. Although this screening process can be time-consuming, escorts must guarantee their clients’ safety while providing top notch service.

Escorts should be aware of some common red flags during the screening process. If they spot any, escorts should immediately request that the client get them checked out prior to scheduling an appointment.

Verifying an Escort’s Online Presence

Make sure to search an Escort’s profile on popular escort directory sites and social media. Doing this allows you to view their photos and contact information. If the provider’s details are inaccurate, it’s best to move on and find another Escort.

Check Their Photos

Scammers often use photos of real models to deceive people into hiring them, which can lead to serious issues for both parties involved. To prevent this from occurring, run a search on Google for the escort’s photos and make sure they do not belong to any photo models or other individuals. This way, you can ensure that these are genuine photos taken of an actual individual.

As part of your screening process, ask the escort to confirm their address. This can be done either through WhatsApp or a screenshot of their booking or roomkey card.

Requesting personal details without verifying their address is a major red flag. It could indicate that the client is being set up by law enforcement or is about to be scammed.

Avoid agreeing to meet a client at their home, especially if they are new. Most escorts recommend meeting their clients in hotels or restaurants for the initial date; this helps determine whether there is compatibility and is better for everyone’s health as well.

Never accept a ride in another person’s vehicle. Not only is this unsafe, but it could put your life at risk. If you do need to take a ride, ask them to send you a screenshot of their booking or roomkey so that you have proof.

Jealousy and Control

If you find yourself working with a client who is jealous, it can be challenging to build a productive relationship. This could create issues both professionally and personally as they may become overly possessive.

Furthermore, their unpredictable behavior and attitude will be a huge distraction to you during the date. They might yell at you, refuse to speak to you, or make remarks about your personal life during the conversation.

They might even tell you that other escorts charge less than you do, which can be a huge blow and usually an attempt by clients to negotiate lower rates from you.

If your client keeps asking for different things, it could be indicative of their dissatisfaction with the service. While they may try to tempt you with free sex or other incentives, that doesn’t have to mean you must give in. Instead, consider ending the relationship if necessary.